Buy 2 and Save 30%


Buy 2 and Save 30%

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Buy any two scented candles and save 20%! Please state which two candles you'd like during the checkout process. 

Our all natural vegetable wax candles are handcrafted in small batches in California. Each candle is poured into a high quality, whiskey glass that we hope, once the candles are finito, will be reused as oh, I don't know, maybe glasses filled with whiskey. (Just be sure to wash them clean before you use them.) The candles come in nifty packaging and are shipped via priority mail. Great for last minute gifts. 

Instructions for use: Burn safely and never leave unattended. Trim wick to 1/4" before each use. For best results, allow candle to burn for at least two and a half hours, or until top is fully melted. This will help the candle burn more evenly and avoid "tunneling".

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Current scented candles include: 

Tomato Leaf: HAPPY GO LUCKY is a carefree scent featuring fresh tomato leaf and just a hint of green peppercorn. 

Bergamot: RISE AND SHINE is a rousing scent that highlights the bright and citrusy smell of bergamot.

Tuberose: FROLICS NAKED is a flirty blend featuring sweet tuberose and a hint of citrusy bergamot.

Lemongrass Tea: MY CUP OF TEASE is an exotic blend of lemongrass and black tea. 

Fig & Honey: ONE SWEET BUZZ is an intoxicating scent that features fruity fig and sweet honey. 

Lychee: MONSOON DISCO is a groovy scent featuring aromatic lychee fruit and the woodsy scent of its tree. 

Cypress & Sandalwood: HAPPY CAMPERS is a stimulating blend of woodsy cypress and warm sandalwood. 

Coastal: RIDE THE WAVES evokes the Pacific's cools breezes, coastal sage and shore pine. 

Pipe Tobacco: LOST AND FOUND recalls an era bygone with the rich deep scent of pipe tobacco.